Fund Governance

Delta Fund has, in keeping with the law in force, a corporate governance structure aimed at encouraging the involvement of subscribers in the decision-making process of the SGR with regard to the most important decisions on the management of the Fund, as well as avoiding conflicts of interest. It provides for the establishment of a Subscribers’ Committee, a body which brings together all the unit holders and which passes resolutions on:

  • the election of the Chairman of the Committee;
  • the request for admission to listing, should the SGR not arrange so;
  • the replacement of the SGR;
  • the change in the management policies of the Fund;
  • the changes in the Management Regulations of the Fund which impact on the characteristics or on the purpose of the Fund itself;
  • the early liquidation of the Fund.

For further information on the functioning of this body refer to paragraph 18 of the Fund Management Regulations in force.