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Delta Fund

the first retail real estate fund dedicated to tourist activities.

Fimit has been going on building the real estate portfolio, diversifying the strategy of the Fund through the investment in management and entertainment assets (such as multiplex).

Type Closed-end Real Estate Fund
Placement From November 13 to December 15, 2006
Initial Equity € 210,532,300
Number of units 2,105,323
Placement Price € 100,00

IdeaFimiT S.p.A. informs that, on 8th September, the Board of Directors has approved the extension of the Fund’s term for the period of 3 years (“Periodo di Grazia”) in the interest of the unitholders, in order to conclude the disinvestments at the best market conditions and the repayments of the units, and fixed the expiry date of the Fund on 31st December 2017; the SGR conserves the right to adopt the liquidation of the Fund prior than its expiry date (“Liquidazione Anticipata”), if this is in the interest of the unitholders