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Delta Fund Characteristics
Product type Closed-end Real Estate Fund
Asset management company Dea Capital Real Estate SGR -Fondi Immobiliari Italiani Società di Gestione del Risparmio S.p.A.
Call of commitments 21 February 2006
Approval of regulations in force 21 February 2006
Recipients Retail clients and qualified investors
Value per Units € 100
Duration of the Fund

Delta Fund closed on 31 December 2017

Minimum amount of subscriptions 20 Units (€ 2,000 net of commissions to be paid on subscription)
Distribution of returns On half-year basis as from the 2nd year of operations, at no less than 80% of the distributable returns
Partial redemption per single unit The SGR, given the divestments made, may opt to make partial redemption per single unit.
Return target Annual internal return rate of 5%
Listing The Fund has been listed since 11 March 2009 on Borsa Italiana’s Telematic Funds Market (MTF) Segment.
Type of real estate investments The assets of the Fund are invested, in compliance with the legal limits on the concentration and division of risks established by the provisions which are in force from time to time, in real estate assets such as hotels, offices, commerce, logistics and manufacturing spaces, with particular regard to properties to be used for hotel accommodation and leisure. The assets of the Fund can also be invested in development operations, for the creation of real estate value in areas and properties to be redeveloped, restructured, reconverted or restored, to be leased or to be sold on the market with significant added value in terms of realisable capital gains. The investments will be made both in Italy and abroad, preferably in European Union countries.
Type of investments in real estate equity The assets of the Fund may be invested, within the limits established by the applicable legal or regulatory provisions, in equity investments in real estate companies, whether listed or otherwise.
Type of financial investments The resources of the Fund may be invested, also beyond the level connected to cash management needs, in listed and unlisted financial instruments, including parts of Italian and foreign collective investment undertakings (CIUs) which specialise in share-based investments or in units in other real estate funds, bank deposits, receivables and securities representing receivables, and in other assets whose value can be determined at least on a half-year basis.
Liquidity The Fund can hold liquidity for cash management needs
Depository Bank BNP Paribas Securities Services – Milan branch
Independent auditors CBRE VALUATION SpA
Market listing MIV -Mercato Telematico degli Investment Vehicles
Negotiation code QFDI
ISIN code IT0004105273
Specialist Banca Finnat Euramerica